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Did A Company Vehicle Hit You?

With the advent of online shopping, delivery trucks are everywhere these days, to say nothing of maintenance vans, buses and other commercial vehicles. While most of them operate safely, some of them do not. Unfortunately, people who have been in a collision with these vehicles find that corporate resistance to their legitimate claims is strong indeed.

At Valrico Law Group, our job is to take your side against the lawyers hired by large corporations and insurance companies. While they are simply trying to save money for their employer, we are fighting for what is right. We have obtained settlements and verdicts for our clients in Tampa and throughout West Central Florida. Let us do the same for you.

We are happy to discuss your case free of charge. Call us for an evaluation: 813-433-0331.

Commercial Vehicles: Many Shapes And Sizes

A huge variety of commercial vehicles are on the road, and some of them cause havoc, which may include:

  • An Amazon delivery van sideswiping your car.
  • A yard maintenance vehicle stopping abruptly, causing a rear-end collision.
  • A tour bus driver changing lanes without looking and hits you.
  • A FedEx truck running a red light and colliding with your car.

What do all of these vehicles have in common? They are company-owned, which means that you will eventually have to deal with high-powered corporate and insurance attorneys to settle your claim.

How We Can Help You

With our legal team on your side, we will fight against corporate interests to secure the compensation you deserve, both for your medical recovery and property losses. We can, if properly retained:

  • Preserve critical evidence before the company destroys it
  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • Obtain security camera footage, if any exists
  • Visit the crash site and record vital information about the environment and any extenuating circumstances
  • Review medical records and ensure you receive additional treatment if necessary

Companies do not like to part with their money easily. Sometimes the only way to get the compensation to which you are entitled is to mount a vigorous legal case. That part is our job. Your job is to attend to your recovery.

Let Us Level The Playing Field

When you are squaring off against a fleet of corporate and/or insurance lawyers, you are at a disadvantage. We can tilt things back in your favor. Get ahold of us as soon as possible to discuss your commercial vehicle accident. You can reach our legal team by email or by phone: 813-433-0331.