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When Injuries Are Sustained On Another Person’s Property

Premises liability covers a number of different types of scenarios where a person is hurt on property owned by another. A property owner is charged under the law with maintaining his or her property in a reasonably safe condition. These types of cases can include slip-and-fall injuries, falling objects at a store or a construction site, dog bites, falls due to water leaks or inadequate lighting, spilling hot food or liquids on patrons, equipment failures or negligent usage of equipment, electrocution, drowning and a myriad of other types of scenarios.

These types of injuries can occur in a person’s home, a grocery store or retail establishment, public pools and parks, parking lots, cruise ships, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, sidewalks, or any site other than your own home or property.

Did The Property Owner Know About The Problem?

Usually, premises liability occurs when someone is injured due to a dangerous condition of which the property owner knew, or should have known, and the injured party was not armed with the same information. With knowledge comes a duty of the property owner to warn the unsuspecting.

For example, if you are shopping in a store, or even just visiting your neighbor’s home, if they have just mopped the floor, they have a duty to warn you of that condition if you are unaware that the floor was wet or slippery. You usually see that in a store marked by cones or placards indicating the area has a wet floor and that caution should be used. There are so many potential ways to be hurt during your everyday activities that they are simply too numerous to mention.

Learn More About Slips, Assaults And More

In this section of our website, we are going to look at just a few. Those will involve department store injuries that could arise from a slip-and-fall, falling objects and elevator or escalator injuries. We will also focus on negligent security which can be criminal acts for which there is no proper warning or security, or even improper actions by store employees when the store failed to do proper criminal background checks on its potential new hires.

We’re also going to look at slip-and-fall accidents, how they occur, and what you should do if you are hurt as a result of slip-and-fall. We will also discuss how to collect evidence after you have fallen that can help you win your case.

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With so many potential types and locations of premises liability claims, it is impossible to address them all. So if you find yourself hurt as a result of a situation on someone else’s property and you don’t think it was your fault, give us a call at 813-433-0331 or email us. We will be glad to discuss your claim with you to see if your claim is one that is truly the owner’s fault which entitles you to an award of damages.