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Don’t wait to seek medical treatment after an accident

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Car Accidents

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, your immediate attention will turn to your health. If you feel okay in the aftermath, you may assume that you’ve escaped without injury. And while that may end up being the case, it’s critical that you still seek medical attention right away.

There are two primary reasons to do this:

  • Some symptoms are delayed: Depending on the type of injury and the way your body responds, some symptoms don’t present right away. For example, if you’ve suffered whiplash or a herniated disc, it could be several hours, days, or even weeks until the symptoms, such as severe headaches, appear or reach their full intensity.
  • It helps you receive the compensation you deserve: In the state of Florida, you may not get Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage if you don’t receive medical attention within 14 days of your accident.

PIP rules require medical treatment within 14 days of your accident

According to The Florida Legislature, Florida Statute sec. 627.736, you can receive 80% of all reasonable and medically necessary services, such as imaging tests and rehabilitative services, so long as your initial care is received within 14 days of the accident.

With so much happening after an accident, it’s easy to put your health and any minor side effects on the backburner. Instead, you focus the majority of your attention on the accident itself, filing an insurance claim and getting your life back to normal.

Even if you assume you’re okay, you’re not a doctor. Not only does receiving medical treatment help keep you in good health, but it also helps protect your legal rights when filing an insurance claim. If you have questions, contact an experienced injury attorney for insight and guidance.