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Injured while shopping? A bigger problem than you think!

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Personal Injury

The final few weeks of the year are some of the busiest for Florida businesses. Shoppers who are eager to get those last few perfect gifts are willing to brave crowded parking lots and sometimes wet, rainy weather. Sadly, slip-and-fall accidents happen frequently and can result in some very serious injuries.

Common shopping injuries

Many types of injuries occur while shopping. You may get hurt before you even step foot in the store. Store owners often overlook the state of their parking lots, so cracks in the pavement, improperly marked curbs and inclines are just a few of the conditions that can put you and other shoppers at risk. Even a well-maintained parking lot can pose a threat if it is poorly designed or poorly lit.

Trips, slips and falls are the most common shopping injuries. But, falling objects from fancy displays can cause serious head or body injuries too. Overcrowding – such as during a sale – can be dangerous as well.

Who is responsible for your injuries?

Store owners are responsible for maintaining their properties in a safe condition that do not have any hazardous or hidden conditions. If a problem cannot be addressed immediately, owners should put out signs or otherwise warn shoppers. Here are examples of problems that should be addressed promptly:

  • Spills
  • Torn carpeting
  • Fallen objects
  • Broken stairs, railings or escalators
  • Dim or burned out light bulbs
  • Inadequate security

Unfortunately, Florida store owners are not always willing to take responsibility for injuries sustained on their properties. Some may claim that the danger was obvious and easily avoidable, or that the hazard never even existed.

How to get help for your injuries

Serious injuries require serious responses. The bills can add up quickly if you are injured and have to miss work. Medical treatment and doctor visits are not only time consuming, they are expensive. How will you pay for your losses?

You may be entitled to compensation for injuries obtained in an accident in a store or shopping mall. Don’t simply call your insurance agent or ask your friends for advice. Find out what a premises liability claim is by talking with a lawyer who is experienced in handling injuries incurred while you are on someone else’s property, or commercial property. You should know your options and your rights. Negligent store owners should be held responsible.  There is nothing wrong with seeking financial recovery if you are injured by the negligence of another.