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Reducing teen distraction can make the roads safer for everyone

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Because of their inexperience and propensity to make risky choices behind the wheel, teens are more likely to be involved in or cause car accidents than other demographics. They are also more likely than many other age groups to drive while distracted. For this reason, it is important to educate younger drivers about safe choices behind the wheel. 

Florida parents have a special responsibility to teach their kids how to drive safely, including avoiding distraction in any way possible. Thankfully, there are a few simple things that both parents and teens can do to reduce the temptation of looking at a phone while driving. With practice and consistency, good habits can develop that will make teen drivers safer drivers, thereby making the roads safer for everyone.

Tips for everyone

In reality, distracted driving is a temptation for every age group; not just teen drivers. Each person driving, from the youngest to the oldest, may feel the need to check messages, read an email, respond to a text and look at their phones while driving. The following tips can help teens (and adults) make better choices behind the wheel, but they may also be useful for other drivers as well, thereby making the roads safer for all of us:

  • By using certain apps, parents can track their kids’ driving behaviors behind the wheel that could indicate poor choices, such as sudden braking, speeding and more. An example of one of these apps is Hum by Verizon.
  • Both teens and adults can enable auto responses on their phones while they are driving. This will automatically respond to any incoming message, eliminating the need for the driver to respond.
  • Parents can start teaching their kids about the dangers of distracted driving even before they teach them how to drive. They can use online resources to help their kids see how dangerous even one moment of distraction can be.

One of the most effective yet simplest things that parents and other adults can do is to demonstrate safe driving themselves. They can put their phones down while driving and be a good example to their teens or other passengers. This can have a strong influence on young, impressionable drivers.

No matter the age of a driver, he or she is still responsible for the choices made while behind the wheel. If you are a victim of an accident caused by a driver who was distracted and reckless, you have legal options available to you. Through a civil claim, you may be able to recoup some of your losses, including those to be experienced in the future, and put the pieces of your life back together after an accident.