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The significant impact of a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

The spine is one of the most complex, remarkable and significant systems of our body and is critical to the body’s ability to function. When the spine suffers trauma, the affect can be devastating. While there are different types and degrees of spinal cord injuries, it is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury, it is likely that the rest of your life will be impacted.

As a spinal cord injury victim, you may need support and medical care for an extended period of time, if not permanently. If you suffered this type of injury in an accident that was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another Florida driver, you may be able to fight for financial compensation and damages that will allow you to get the help you need now and in the future. These injuries are complex, and you do not have to navigate the aftermath of your accident alone.

Your life and your spinal cord injury

Every spinal cord injury is different, and the way yours will affect your life depends on specific factors, including the location and severity of the injury. The most severe types of spinal cord injuries result in paralysis or complete loss of function in specific parts of the body. Other spinal cord injuries can result in various types of issues, including the following:

  • Potentially excruciating pain or other altered sensations
  • Changes in sexual function or experiencing fertility issues
  • Limitation or painful movement in certain parts of the body
  • Bladder control problems or issues controlling bowels
  • Experiencing spasms or having trouble with reflexes

These are only a few examples of the severe ways that a spinal cord injury can affect your life. While your injury may allow you to walk and use your arms and legs, it may still affect very important functions, your quality of life, your ability to engage in work and recreational activities, and your ability to do the normal activities of daily living. These dreadful injuries can prevent you from living your life in the same way as before your injury, during a rehabilitation period or for the rest of your life. You would be wise not to underestimate the impact of your spinal cord injury.

The recovery you deserve

After an accident that was not your fault, whether an auto crash, a slip-and-fall, or other situation causing your injury, you have the right to pursue a full and fair recovery. This may include securing the compensation you need for past and future medical care, rehabilitation, adjustments to lifestyle loss of wages and other effects of your spinal cord injury. If you are unsure of where to start, you may want to first seek an evaluation of your case with an attorney from the Valrico Law Group and get an explanation of the legal options available to you.