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Considerations after being injured in a truck accident

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

We see them every single day: large trucks. And while they are part of life for most motorists, an element of danger rides along with truck drivers. Whether due to truck driver exhaustion, stress or other extenuating factor, major truck accidents happen every day and are often devastating. When an individual is injured in a truck accident, he or she is usually due compensation. Determining how much compensation is a complicated process.

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It is important to understand that truck drivers are held to a higher standard than an average motorist. They receive specialized training designed to make them better, safer drivers. They are also on-the-job while driving and are expected to perform with a level of skill and professionalism that reflects that.

If you or a loved one have been in an accident with a commercial truck, a skilled attorney will look at every facet of an accident and aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Considerations that can greatly impact the amount of compensation you may receive after a commercial truck accident include:

  • Reckless behavior of the truck driver – One of the first things to be taken into account is the recklessness of the truck driver. This can include texting while driving, driving aggressively or driving while intoxicated. 
  • Truck driver exhaustion – Drowsy driving can be equally as dangerous as drunk driving which is why there is a limit on the number of hours a trucker may drive in a given period. Drivers sometimes shirk these laws when trying to meet deadlines, however. 
  • Violation of traffic laws by trucker –Shrugging off not signaling before a lane change or narrowly running a red light is illegal and much more dangerous than some people care to realize. 
  • Vehicle malfunctioning due to improper maintenance – Commercial tractor trailers are expected to be in top shape before every run. When these vehicles are poorly maintained it can mean anything from an unexpected trailer detachment to a tire blowout – both of which could lead to a rollover or worse.

While these are common reasons for commercial truck accidents, each situation is different. Your accident may involve a combination of these elements or a completely unique scenario.

The Valrico Law Group, is uniquely qualified to assess each client’s specific situation and make a determination regarding the best possible path for obtaining maximum compensation. A truck accident case can be a long hard fight, and our firm is ready to take on that fight.