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Study Says Tornado Damage May Triple In Coming Years

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Tornado Damage

Homeowners in West Central Florida must be prepared for severe storm damage. One of the many ways a property owner needs to be prepared is to make sure that their insurance policies are up to date and provide proper coverage in the event of serious tornado damage. But will that be enough?

Why Are Tornadoes Likely to Become More Destructive?

According to an article in USA Today, a recent study suggests that severe storms-tornadoes in particular-will increase in number and severity in the coming years. The new study addresses the rising rate of tornadoes in the country, especially in areas that are already prone to these dangerous storms. According to that study, “the number of deaths and damaged or destroyed homes caused by tornadoes in the U.S. could triple by the end of the century.” Stephen Strader, an assistant professor in Villanova University’s Department of Geography & the Environment, authored the study. While climate change may play a role in the increasing severity of tornadoes, the study suggests that the primary cause for more destruction from tornadoes is more likely to be “population increase and urban sprawl.”

In other words, we are seeing more and more homes constructed quickly and in the potential paths of a tornado. When more homes are getting built in areas that are prone to tornadoes, it is a cause for concern. These homeowners need to think carefully about the quality and strength of materials going into the structure.

Home Construction Quality Can Help Prevent Tornado Damage

One way to limit the destructiveness of tornadoes in the coming years, the study suggests, is to reconsider the construction quality of homes being built in areas where tornado damage is likely to be a hazard. Since we do not yet know for certain how climate change will impact the rate and severity of tornadoes, we have to take all preventive measures currently available. In addition, according to Professor Strader, homeowners and other property owners can minimize their injury risks by looking into “building storm shelters or safe rooms.”

The Storm Prediction Center reported a rise in the average number of tornadoes in 2017, and that trend could continue into 2018. When it comes to serious injuries and property damage from tornadoes, homeowners in the Southeast-including in West Central Florida-could be at particular risk due to the “large suburban footprint,” according to Strader.

If you are building a new home in West Central Florida or are renovating your house, you should learn more about building materials that can help to keep your home safe.

Seek Advice from a West Central Florida Tornado Damage Lawyer

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