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Defective Samsung Products Are Causing Personal Injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2016 | Personal Injury

The risk of personal injury posed by the product defect is not a minor one, as the recall notice from Samsung’s website emphasizes that the “affected devices can overheat and pose a safety risk.” What that language does not say is that the defective battery actually causes the phones to explode and to catch on fire, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. Now, news is coming out that the replacement devices-those that were supposed to be free of defects-may also face a recall.

What should you do if you own one of these devices? And more importantly, what should you do if you already had your smartphone replaced, but now own one of the new Samsung Galaxy phones that also may be subject to a consumer safety recall?

Samsung Phones Reported to Start Fires and Cause Burn Injuries

As of the official recall on September 15, there were 56 reported cases of the lithium-ion batteries overheating and either exploding or starting fires. In some cases, those incidents occurred inside the vehicles of consumers, and in other instances happened inside a consumer’s garage. In numerous reports of overheating lithium-ion batteries, consumers suffered serious burn-related injuries as a result of the product defect.

In its recall notice, Samsung emphasized that anyone in possession of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 phone should immediately stop using the device, turn it off, and exchange it for a device that does not have the same battery defect. For consumers who are not interested in owning another Samsung product, the company will also refund the purchase price. The recall notice emphasizes that only Galaxy Note7 phones sold prior to September 15th pose an injury risk.

Now, there are two problems that remain with regard to the Samsung Galaxy Note7, and consumers in the Tampa Bay area should pay attention. First, an article in Reuters reported that only about 60 percent of the defective phones have been replaced or refunded. As such, there may still be smartphone owners in Tampa or St. Petersburg who are at risk of sustaining serious burn injuries if they continue using these devices. We know that about one million smartphones were recalled. Since only 60 percent of the buyers have sought out a replacement or a refund-and it seems unlikely that owners have simply decided to stop using a smartphone altogether-the likely scenario is that around 400,000 consumers are still in possession of these devices.

Replacement Devices Could Also Be Subject to Recall

Tampa residents could be putting themselves at risk of personal injuries from a defective Samsung smartphone. However, there is a second major problem that has only arisen recently. According to a report in TechRadar, the replacement devices also could be subject to a recall. According to that report, one of the replacement devices “started smoking in its owner’s pocket aboard an aircraft and had to be put out with a fire extinguisher.” The owner of the replacement device insisted that the burning phone was a replacement for the recalled Samsung product. If this turns out to be true, consumers who have received replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones may still be at risk of injury.

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