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Large Sinkhole Causes Damage in Pasco County

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As a map from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection makes clear, Pasco County sits firmly within “Sinkhole Alley,” a name given to a region of West Central Florida known for having a high rate of sinkhole activity. Yet even though this part of the state is known for sinkholes opening and causing damage to property, news of one of these events can still come as a shock. In particular, broadcasts about sinkhole damage and sinkholes that open underneath homes should alert residents of Pasco County and other areas around Tampa Bay to be on the lookout for signs of these potentially harmful occurrences.

According to a recent report from NBC News 8, a sinkhole that was nearly 50 feet wide opened underneath the driveway and garage of a Pasco County home. Workers have been on site attempting to repair the damage.

Sinkhole Reemerges at Residence in Hudson, Florida

As the report explains, the recent appearance of a sinkhole is not the first time that this property has been at serious risk of sinkhole damage. Indeed, the same company working to fill the sinkhole this time around performed work at the very same property in 2009. At that time, a sinkhole had already been declared at the house. Now, the sinkhole not only reopened, but it also increased in size. In response to the obvious growth of the occurrence, a neighbor in the area actually called emergency responders. As we mentioned above, crews determined the sinkhole to be approximately 50 feet wide and about six feet deep, threatening the home as it opened up under the garage and driveway.

Photographs included in the report depicted the terrifying damage that extends underneath the attached garage. By the time the crews arrived at the scene, they found what the report described as “a huge pool of watery mud that was splashing around.” Is this recent damage related to the 2009 sinkhole at the same address? While sinkholes can reappear, the Pasco County Emergency Management Director, Kevin Guthrie, indicated that recent rains are likely the cause of the sinkhole expansion. As Guthrie clarified, “we had a pretty exhaustive downpour here, and we probably had about a half of an inch of rainfall . . . for a sinkhole, that is the worst thing you can have.” Guthrie indicated that afternoon thunderstorms in Pasco County have only added to the growing sinkhole.

Sinkhole Remedies and Awareness

Shortly after responding to the scene, sinkhole crews were able to fill the hole with fine sand, which as report explains is only a temporary remedy. Permanent sinkhole remedies take more time and must be conducted over a number of days. Neighbors within 100 feet of the sinkhole were notified that it was recommended they evacuate their homes. According to NBC News 8, the sinkhole should be on its way to permanent closure.

If you notice any signs of sinkhole damage in or around your property, no matter how small, you should always seek an expert opinion. When sinkholes are not dealt with properly, they can grow rapidly, particularly when there is significant rainfall in Florida.

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