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Victims of bad faith insurance practices: you have legal options

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2015 | Bad Faith Insurance Claims

If you have recently filed an insurance claim only to have it denied or delayed, you are likely feeling quite upset. People buy insurance policies to protect themselves and have some peace of mind in knowing that they are protected should something bad happen. But when your claim is not handled in the way you expected, you can be left feeling anything but protected.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money and sometimes this comes at the expense of policyholders. In some cases, this is just the way the system works, unfortunately. In other cases, however, companies are acting in bad faith and can be held legally responsible for misconduct.

For instance, a company may claim you do not carry certain coverage or that certain claims are not eligible for coverage. Adjusters may provide false or incomplete information in an effort to save money. It may also try to avoid paying your claim for as long as possible in the hopes that you will give up, forget, or worst of all, pass away first.

If you feel like you have been the victim of unfair, unlawful policies or practices by your insurance company, you should know that you don’t just have to accept it. You have the right to discuss your situation with an attorney who understands how insurance companies work and what laws are in place to protect policyholders.

Our firm works with people all across Florida who are in this frustrating and stressful situation. For information on our background and capabilities in this area, please visit our webpage on bad faith insurance practices.