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3 things you can do to protect yourself, your things after a fire

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2015 | Insurance Law

House fires can happen for a number of reasons, from lightning during a storm to grease fires on an unattended stovetop. In a matter of minutes, these fires can spread and completely destroy a home and everything inside it. 

Because of how devastating a house fire can be, it is crucial that people all across Florida take a few steps to protect themselves, their homes and everything inside a home from and/or in the event of a fire. 

To begin with, you can take a number of precautions to prevent a fire. These should include:

  • Putting smoke detectors in multiple areas in a home and checking them regularly
  • Making sure electrical systems are up to code and safe
  • Placing fire extinguishers in places like the kitchen and near fireplaces
  • Installing sprinkler systems in the home
  • Teaching kids about proper use of certain appliances

Unfortunately, despite a person’s best efforts, fires can and do still happen. Because of this, having an appropriate insurance plan in place will be essential in protecting all the things you may hold dear.

There are some fairly standard policies in terms of what is covered. However, there are many options in terms of coverage limits. This is why it can also be important to be prepared when it comes to seeking an appropriate policy. In order to do this, you should:

  • Itemize all your personal possessions inside the home and keep a list (and even pictures) in a place where it cannot be destroyed by the fire
  • Review your policy and make sure it covers not just the structure of your home but also what is inside
  • Understand that the average claim for damage after a house fire exceeds $37,000

While you may not prevent every house fire, you can take steps to ensure that you are protected and don’t end up losing everything. Of course these situations can be devastating, but with some planning, support and an appropriate insurance plan, you can make the road after a fire a little smoother. Speaking with an attorney after a fire can also be a good way to protect yourself from unfairly denied claims, arguments with the insurance company and delayed payments.