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Looking into life insurance claim denials for families

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2015 | Insurance Law

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things a family can face. Thus, when a family has recently lost a loved one and is dealing with the many challenges that go along with this, the last thing they want to hear is more bad news. Unfortunately, families in such a situation sometimes end up receiving insurance-related bad news. Specifically, some such families receive news that a life insurance claim they made has been denied.

Now, when experiencing the heart-wrenching situation of losing a loved one, dealing with insurance matters and battling insurance companies may seem like some of the least appealing things possible to a family. Thus, a family may, upon receiving a life insurance claim denial, feel tempted to simply trust that the insurance company was within its rights in the denial and try to handle the financial aftermath of their loved one’s death without the life insurance benefits their deceased loved one tried to secure for them.

However, it can be very important to look carefully into life insurance claim denials. Such denials sometimes come about through insurance company mistakes, such as an insurance company not doing as thorough of a claims investigation as it should have or making an erroneous interpretation of the terms of a life insurance policy. When insurance company mistakes, negligence or wrongdoing were the cause of a life insurance claim denial, there are legal actions a family may be able to take to challenge the denial.

Now, families do not have to try to conduct such investigations on their own. They can bring in attorneys skilled in insurance matters to look into their situation and their options.

The attorneys at our Brandon, Florida-based firm have over eight decades of combined legal experience. We have a deep understanding of the complexity of insurance law and life insurance policies and know what it takes to deal with insurance companies. We can help families who have had a life insurance claim denied look into whether there were any problems with the denial and whether their rights under a life insurance policy were violated.