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Fine print can cause big problems for Florida motorists

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Accidents

When it comes to shopping for insurance, most people look at it as a numbers game. Essentially, we want to know how much we can get and what that’s going to cost us. Whether you look at plans from two or 10 different companies, all the numbers and rates can add up to one big headache.

This is why many Florida motorists get overwhelmed and confused when it comes to car insurance. Some people end up paying for more than they need; others find out the hard way that they didn’t have enough protection. There are also motorists who simply decide to just neglect their responsibility to get insurance in the first place. In any of these situations, people can end up angry, frustrated and confused in the event of an accident.

After a crash, people exchange insurance information and hope that the companies will work things out. Unfortunately, this can end with some very upsetting news.

In many cases, an insurance company will point to the fine print in a policy as an explanation for why your claim has been denied or why you will need to cover the costs of damages because you did not carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage.

It is this fine print that many people don’t read or understand; in some cases, people don’t even know that certain conditions and limitations exist in their policy because their agent failed to disclose them.

Insurance policies can be extraordinarily complicated and many people don’t always understand what they are signing. People can feel embarrassed or ashamed for not doing more to thoroughly understand their policies, which can make them hesitant to reach out for help after an accident.

However, any person in this situation should understand that they are not alone; people all across Florida have run into complications and problems with insurance companies because of things that they did not know about or understand. Rather than trying to resolve the dispute with an insurance agency alone, people can seek the help of an attorney in order to level the playing field.

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