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Signs that you may be a victim of acts of bad faith

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2015 | Bad Faith Insurance Claims

In the aftermath of an accident, victims need help and they need answers. In most cases, this requires them to go through their insurance company and submit a claim for relief. For many people, this is a process that, while tedious and frustrating, is fairly uneventful.

However, if you are like too many other people across Florida, you could end up with an extremely complicated situation on your hands if your insurance company is acting in bad faith. This means that your insurance company is not delivering what was promised to you. In order to protect yourself, it can be important to know some signs of bad faith to watch out for.

  • Settlement comes way too fast or way too slowly: Everyone wants their situation to be resolved in a timely manner so they can move on. However, if an insurance company prepares an offer immediately after a loss, it may be a sign that it didn’t take a comprehensive look at your situation. If they drag the process on and on, they could be trying to delay the process so they can hold on to your money.
  • Missing information: Insurance companies are expected to be open with their clients when discussing a policy and should take into account information you provide to them, and this line of communication goes both ways. If an insurer misled you when selling a policy or has refused to consider information from you after an incident, it could be a sign of bad faith.
  • Reduced expenses or damages: Insurance companies have a vested interest in paying you less money because it saves them more. They may try to do this by rejecting parts of your claim or offering you much less than what was established in your policy.

These can all be signs that an insurance company is trying to shortchange you. They can also make the situation even more difficult for you by aggressively pressuring you to accept the settlement.

In order to avoid the costly consequences of bad faith insurance tactics, you can discuss your situation with an attorney at our firm who can examine your case and help you understand your rights and options. It is a difficult situation, but you don’t have to go through it alone.